Verkaufe Owner/Cultiva Tango Dancer



verkaufe absolut neuen, sich in ungeöffneter Originalverpackung befindlichen Topwater Lure in 11,5cm und Rainbow Trout Design.
Dieser Köder ist in Deutschland nicht erhältlich.
Hier die englische Beschreibung:

Owner Tango Dancer Lure TD115
Our new thick-bodied, topwater bait that walks, dances and darts enticingly at the surface, even in hard-to-fish windy and rough-water conditions. Deadly in fresh and salt water for big bass and stripers. Features include Cultiva's exclusive "Living Eyes," resonating "thunder" rattles, and highly reflective textured, holographic, and foil finishes. Each lure is rigged with two #2 Owner ST-41 Cutting Point® treble hooks.

Preis: 9 Euro + 2,50 Versand. #h