Conger angeln Norwegen

Going Conger-fishing tonight, thought I`d give a few hints to those of you who are interested in this. I`m no expert, but me and my friends have a few congers so we have some ideas.

Rod: Good back, must be able to lift the conger fast up from the bottom.
Reel: I use a BAitrunner 8000 which is a bit to light actually...
Line: Multi (ex fireline, poiwerpro) and shock-leader.

TAckle: We use simplest kind of running-tackle. Strong leader, around 0.8-1.0mm. Mustad J-hooks size 7-9/0. A thinner leader is used to the casting-lead as you often get stuck with this.

Also: Strips to attach the bait is helpful, we often fish with 1/2 mackrel...... light-sticks are helpful in the dark to se the tip of the rod better

Find a placewith hard bottom and rocks. Piers etc made of stones are my best general tip.

Here are congers from me and my friens:

scroll down a bit here:

My congers here:
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AW: Conger angeln Norwegen

Conger season has started and we had our first serious try yesterday evening/night. And what a way to kick off the season :)

Beautiful night

Nice bait, 1/2 small mackerel is a good size

Cracklight helps see if something is happening

Arild is in!!!!

6.3kg Conger !!!!


Waiting is a part of this game. A big part. A boring part.


AW: Conger angeln Norwegen

Very are talking about hard bottom and rocks but how deep are you fishing? Right in front of the pier or longer out?
AW: Conger angeln Norwegen

Both- the depth is 7-25m I doesnt have to be very deep... the important part seems to be the bottom- there must be good hiding places.